Welcome to Agape Children's Emergency Shelter

What We Offer


  • Stepping Stones, a program for homeless, runaway, human trafficking young girls ages 13-17 with the goal of reunifying them with their families.
  • Emergency Shelter and Basic Care, a program for homeless young girls and teens ages 8-17 with the goal of providing a short-term safe and stable environment until we are able to find a more permanent placement.
  • Wings Transition to Independent Living, which provides homeless young girls with long-term shelter combined with life skills classes, case planning services, and counseling, with the goal of providing young girls with the tools they need to be successful on their own.
  • The Lighthouse Aftercare, which provides continuing support to young girls ages 15-21 that have moved out of our shelter as well as to youth who are homeless or are at risk of becoming homeless in the community.
  • ​Mission IM’Possible, in the world of foster care and homelessness, trash bags are often synonymous with luggage. It shouldn't be and Agape’ Children’s Emergency Shelter is doing something about it. Through the Mission IM’Possible Duffels 4 Girls program, every girl in foster care or homeless shelter will receive a free duffel bag to call her own, even as they transition back to their biological parents or to another permanent family.



 ACES Mentoring Program matches scholars with caring, professional individuals who offer guidance, trust, encouragement and enrichment in order to help our scholars develop competence and character. Positive and structured mentoring matches at ACES focus on the
scholars’ holistic development and also nurture academic, emotional, spiritual, physical and social growth. Our mentoring goal is that every ACES scholar develops a one-to-one relationship with an adult who inspires, teaches, supports and guides them as they navigate through adolescence. Mentor volunteers support the mission of ACES by helping our scholars flourish and make positive
choices. They support the individual scholar by:

  • Building a positive and healthy mentoring relationship.
  • Sharing thoughts and experiences.
  • Providing emotional support.
  • Introducing new experiences that expand learning.
  • Helping with life skills development
  • Having fun!



 ACES is a residential care facility that provides short-term services to girls’ ages 5-17 years of age who have experienced abuse, neglect, violence, abandonment, and/or in need of supervised care.

How the ACES Serves Our Girls

  • Provides a safe and structured home-like environment for girls in crisis
  • Provides all the food, clothing, shelter, & hygiene products to each girl served.
  • Provides after-school tutoring
  • Coordinates counseling services through local counseling agencies in the Houston and surrounding areas.
  • Provides Life Skills training to each girl served.
  • Provides holiday and birthday celebrations to each child served.
  • Transports the girls to/from school, doctor appointments, visitations, and other social or school activities.
  • Allows girls in crisis to just be the Beautiful and Charismatic girls that they are.