Welcome to Agape Children's Emergency Shelter

Purpose, Mission and Vision



Our shelter gives vulnerable young girls a safe place to stay when they have nowhere else to go. Some are homeless or runaways; others have been abandoned, abused or neglected; and in some cases, they are victims of human trafficking. In all cases, we provide a refuge for ‘throwaway’ children so that they can first heal emotionally and physically and then, with our help, begin taking the first steps to become the secure, whole person they were meant to be. 




Our mission is to ensure that every young girl who wanders the streets alone or has no place to call home – whether it is because she has been abused or neglected, is a runaway, has been a victim of trafficking, or is homeless for whatever reason – has a safe place to stay where she can be sheltered, fed, and have access to the resources she needs to build a positive future for herself. We accomplish this by offering mentorship opportunities and by encouraging them to participate in activities that inspire them to recognize their unique talents, strengthen their self-confidence, build friendships, connect with the community, and be motivated to live a healthy lifestyle with a set of values that will guide them on their path to adulthood.



We envision that the young girls we help will not only find refuge and renewal under our care, but will also experience a powerful transformation and emerge strong and self-sufficient so that they can become leaders and contributing members of our society. In addition, we envision that the partnerships we forge within the community will inspire a culture that embraces and supports all those who are vulnerable, thereby ensuring that weak links within our social structure will be fortified.